Filter Apps on Dashboard by Owner


If you have many apps on your dashboard which belong to multiple accounts then we’re 100% sure that you ran into the problem of finding an app quickly. Previously all the apps where you are a participant were sorted by last running build.

We want to make filtering easier for you, so from now on you can list apps on your dashboard sorted by owner :tada:
In addition, you can switch to your organization profile(s) or create a new one there too.


Add more filtering/sorting and customizability options to Dashboard/Project list page

Finally!!! :smiley:



Yeah!! :hugs: Right in time :scream:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Couple of UX issues fixed:

  • The Selector did have “dead areas” on mobile; if you clicked it there it did not show the list of options - fixed
  • Selecting your own account did also show apps where you were an owner of an organization which owned the app. Fixed, if you select your own account you’ll now see only the apps where you are the direct owner.
  • Organization icons in the list are now the ones you select for the organizations
  • Organization name on mobile might have been trimmed in a way that it covered the expand/collapse icon (v / ^). Fixed.