I tryed to use the bitrise.yml in the directory, but it does fail!

I copy my bitrise.yml to the default branch and at the root of my gitlab (self host) repo.
Then I went to the workflow editor to setup the property : “store in app repository”

I get the message :

  • Couldn’t find a bitrise.yml file in the app’s repository. Add the file to your main branch and try again.

I read the doc at https://devcenter.bitrise.io/builds/bitrise-yml-online/
But do not really know what the doc means by : * Self-hosted GitLab (as long as the repository is not on a private network).

Is there a way to test it ? with cli or whatever that we may debug or identify issue !


I’m getting the same. After I already committed the file in the main branch of my project, Bitrise IO keeps showing me that error message “Couldn’t find a bitrise.yml file in the app’s repository”.

Is there any progress on this topic?

I have a GitHub repo

Hi @afaucogney and @carlos_torres75!

If you get an error while trying to switch your .yml from being hosted on bitrise.io to your app repository, start by checking the following:

  • The bitrise.yml is at the root of the repository
  • The repository URL is properly set at the App’s Settings
  • The bitrise.yml exists on the default branch (set in the App’s Settings)
  • The service credential user has read access to the repo (can be checked on Teams tab, by testing the connection

Please note that this only works for Bitbucket, Gitlab, Self-hosted Gitlab, and Github at the moment. It’s not integrated with GitHub Enterprise or any other self-hosted service. If you are using GitHub Enterprise or a self-hosted service, you can use the Bitrise Run step to run your workflows from the repository as described here.

Hi @bitce,

When I tested the connexion, it does failed.
I tried to update the ssh key, but nothing changed.
I have a selfhost gitlab.

Error: No API integration for git hosting service yet. For more information check out this guide.

What should I do. I select myself, and I am the maintainer for the project ?

In case of a self-hosted gitlab, you have to have it connected to an Organization account, and a service credential user should be an owner of that Organization.

Hi @bitce

My app is connected to my organization, and I’m one of the owner.
Something else ?

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