Urgent - Can't Start Build after transferring Ownership


We recently switched to Bitrise.io . The organization was created, and I was invited to join the organization. After this, I transferred ownership of the app to the Organization.

Now, I cannot trigger builds and keep getting this error message:

Failed to start the Build: Build could not start because you reached your monthly build limit. You can upgrade your subscription to get unlimited builds each month. If you just need a little bit more this month feel free to contact us!

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Hi @juliancmg,

The Organization is a paid only feature, you have to activate a subscription for that organization to be able to start builds. Only personal accounts can build for free. You can test the team management and other features of the Organization without a subscription, the only limit is that you can’t start a build (for an app owned by that Organization) unless it has a subscription.

We can manually activate a trial for the Organization, for that just ping us with the Organization’s url (after creating the Org just open any of its page and copy the url) through email or the onsite chat.



My apologies @viktorbenei. My error. Thank you for the response.

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I’m running into a similar issue now, and I can’t find any information regarding “Build Limits” listed on the pricing page. Would upgrading to the Developer tier provide unlimited builds?




Hey there @timelessapp!
The Developer plans come with unlimited builds per month.

If you still need assistance, please go to the following link and open a support ticket so that we could investigate further:

Thank you!