Cannot get bitrise.yml from git provider when triggering a build via API

Hello, we use the Bitrise Build API to trigger builds from a Python script. It worked fine until we switched bitrise.yml to hosted on our (private) GitHub repository.

Now, with no changes to our Python script, the build API call returns this error:

{"status":"error","message":"Failed to get bitrise.yml from git provider","slug":"2b8f21f9312993f4","service":"bitrise"}

Is there a way to have more info about this error? I checked and the commit hash I specified in the API contains bitrise.yml.

Note that regular builds triggered from the Bitrise website still work fine, and use bitrise.yml from our repo.

Hi @nathan.salaun - thanks for reaching out.

Out of interest - are you using GitHub Enterprise Server or regular GitHub in the cloud?

Can you please raise a support ticket here and a member of the support team will investigate.

Please also enable support access so they can look at your app - Enabling the Bitrise Support Access for your app - Bitrise Docs

Thank you!