How do we get our existing Firebase Test Lab results to show up in Test Reports?

Our team has been moving from Bamboo to Bitrise for our Android builds. For Bamboo we had created a series of espresso tests that run on Virtual and Real devices on Firebase Test Lab. We have our own Firebase Test account and it’s particularly nice because we can launch multiple tests from the command line to run in the background.

Bitrise has been great for everything BUT moving these tests over. We would prefer not to use the out of the box Virtual Test step because we like more control over our firebase tests and require hardware tests.

Our team tried to copy the results from the firebase lab bucket (gsutil cp -r gs://ga-android-test-bucket) and we tried then creating a json format as suggested in . But we got many errors about the resulting test format from Firebase. It was just not obvious how to make this work.

Could someone please provide a simple Bitrise.ylm that shows a couple command line call to firebase test lab and then how it’s published to get the results to show up in the Test Reports.

I think many people will find this useful.


Hi @gregni2! Thanks for raising this.

Can you please provide a build URL for an instance where you attempted to do this? That would allow us to look into the logs and whatnot, and hopefully tell you what’s going wrong there.

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