Export Registered Devices as CSV (using format from Apple Developer)

Description of the feature request

Include an option to export Registered Devices from https://app.bitrise.io/me/profile#/test_devices as an CSV (using the same format as provided by the Apple Developer site

For anyone new to this, here is the link to the Bitrise docs for Registering test devices

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Xamarin builds don’t have support for Automatic Provisioning, which means that we have to manually upload all new devices to https://developer.apple.com/account/resources/devices/add. If Bitrise exported it’s registered devices as a csv, it would make it really easy to upload this to Apple Developer when updating the Provisioning Profile

Potential Blockers

  • If new devices are added to an existing list of devices (on Bitrise), the csv would include devices that had already been uploaded to Apple. I would assume Apple would detect that some devices had already been uploaded and only add the new ones, but I haven’t tested this to confirm