Errors when building app that includes a framework project

I have an iOS app which is a workspace with cocoapods and that builds great with Bitrise. I just added an Xcode framework as another project under the workspace I get errors during the build. These are the 3 things I’ve tried for the Xcode setting under Targets/General/“Frameworks, Libraries and Embedded Content”

  1. “Do not embed” Error is “no such module” on the “import MyFramework” in the swift file I use it.
  2. “Embed and sign” or “Embed without signing”. Error is “No signing certificate” for the framework

I shouldn’t need a profile for the framework, should I? What’s the right way to configure this please?


Hi @tmathison!

Unfortunately, it would be extremely difficult to tell clear answers even if you include the complete error messages. ‘No such module’ and ‘import’ error suggest Cocoapods and/or swift version mismatch issues. The other errors suggest unrelated code signing problems. We’re happy to take a look if you include a build URL here :slight_smile:

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