iOS workflow failed due to embedded library/framework

Previously my iOS workflow is running normal. My project is based on React-Native

After adding an Embedded Library/framework called ‘Charts’ the workflow complains

no such module ‘Charts’.

the project target has this module as dependency so it will build before the project code.

On my system the xcode build path is local to the project. During xcode project build the framework is build & saved to


The project on my local system is building normally. Is there anything I am missing in xcode build settings for embedded file path.

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Hi @ramki1979,

Can you please follow this guide How to debug your build locally / "It works on my Mac/PC but not on" and let us know how it goes?

Without going the above, I cloned the repo to fresh location and opened it in XCode and as suspected the embedded frameworks are missing from the Subprojects List.

I need to do any one of the following to resolve current issue:
Can add the Embedded Framework Release Source Code Directories into my Project Directory and Commit all files to repository.
Can add Cocopods to my project and Add the respective step into my Bitrise CI Workflow.

But finally I want to add them as git submodules.

Thanks for the help.

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Glad to hear you found the issue @ramki1979! :slight_smile:

All of these are possible, let us know if you’d need any help! :slight_smile: