Error saving app config: 784: unexpected token at ‘Argument list too long - bin/bitrise’

This is a repost from here Unable to perform any update to bitrise I think the Step and Tool Issues thread is probably more appropriate thread.
This error started again a couple of days ago and is still happening. It had went away about 2 weeks ago and has come back. Now when this error happens it is when adding or cloning a step in a workflow. So far it does not seem to matter which workflow. I have checked the length of my bitrise.yml file and it’s less than 100kb. Any help would be appreciated. Also is there a more official way of reporting bugs? I don’t mind the forum but how can I tell if this is getting looked at by someone from Bitrise?

Hi @johnnyk529, :wave:

Our engineers are currently looking into this. In the meantime, if you need to edit your workflows, you can edit them on the bitrise.yml tab .

I will update this thread as soon as I have more information. I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

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Hi @johnnyk529,

Thanks for your patience! Our finding is that there are OS limitations on how long an argument can be when passed to a command - in our case we use the bitrise CLI’s validate command and pass a base64 encoded version of the bitrise.yml as an argument before saving it. The char limit is hard-coded into an OS as 131.072 and your YML seems to exceed this, which causes this error.

We will keep investigating but at the moment we can only offer a workaround. As a quick workaround, we would advise to either try to remove some things from your YML or move some workflows to a local bitrise.yml - living in the repository and then call bitrise run … from the original workflow.


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