ERROR: Bundle creation error: hdiutil: create failed - Resource busy\n

Description of the issue

Hi guys I’m way out of my league here, so I need help.

My build is failing on Bitrise. The app is a C++ (QtCreator 5~)

The first error was that Bitrise was installing Qt 5.15.5_1 and trying to access Qt 5.15.2 (I dont know why)
But that I managed to solve in the script, forcing it to install and use 5.15.5_1

After fixing that I started getting this error that creating the Disk image .dmg failed because the resource is busy

Right afterwards it tries to rename the file, but it doesn’t exist because the creation failed.
How do I debug that on Bitrise? Have anyone faced this before?

I’m totally clueless on this, tried everything I could find, so any help is welcome. Thanks in advance

Build log

(I’ve edited the paths)

Log: Finished codesigning  "/Users/vagrant/git/app/myApp/*******.app" with identity "Developer ID Application: *******"
Log: Creating disk image (.dmg) for "/Users/vagrant/git/app/myApp/*******.app"
Log: Image will use "HFS+"
ERROR: Bundle creation error: "hdiutil: create failed - Resource busy\n"
mv: rename /Users/vagrant/git/app/myApp/*******.dmg to /Users/vagrant/git/app/*******- No such file or directory
--> Checking notarization status, attempt 1
Notarization failed

Do you get this error on every build?

Yes man, it’s on every build.

I tried updating everything to see if would do anything, but nothing changed.

Still getting same error.

Can you create a Support Ticket so we can look into this further for you please.

You can share the ticket # here so I can pick it up.

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