Build fails on Google Play deployment with 500

Hi, I just started having my builds fail on a Google Play deployment step, with the following (partial) log (nothing changed on our end since the last successful build):

Applications uploaded
Update track
Release version codes are: [xxxx]
internal track will be updated.
updated track: internal
Track updated

Committing edit
Failed to commit edit, error: googleapi: Error 500: Internal error encountered., backendError

Found a similar issue here, but no idea how it was fixed or why it’s happening again. Any help/following up would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m having the same issue. Any help would be great!

I’ve reached out to support, apparently it’s from Google Play API and it’s being looked into.

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Had the same problem on Friday. Any word on this from support? I’m still getting this issue as of Monday morning.

Not much to update unfortunately. Still waiting for a fix.

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Bitrise support update: “I consulted with the engineers, and it seems this issue is highly difficult to debug, since there is nothing on our side that would explain the issue.
Despite this, the developers advised doing one release manually through the Play Console, and then continuing to release through It is possible that something went wrong on Google’s side and a manual release either tells us the real issue, or it succeeds and the next release will go through."

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Tried uploading a manual build and it turned out after the build was successfully uploaded, we got an error in the review screen, telling us one of the libraries being used was deprecated and in need of an update. Since the error is not informative at all, maybe doing a manual upload will give you guys more clues.

Thanks for the tip, cheers!

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