Email Alias for Password Recovery

I cannot connect my Bitbucket to a new Bitrise account because my Bitbucket is enabled in other Bitrise Account.
The Bitrise account where Bitbucket was enabled, used a company email to log in.
I no longer work for the company, so my email was deleted.
I don’t remember my Bitrise password, so I CANNOT recover my password because my email does not exist.

Proposed Solution:
Have somewhere in Bitrise profile settings a field to configure an alias email in order to recover my password if I no longer can access my configured email.

Best Regards,
Miguel Freitas


Thanks for the question @miguelfreitas93!

A single Bitbucket account can only be connected to a single Bitrise account.

No need to recover that email. Based on what you wrote your Bitbucket account is still connected to that Bitrise account (otherwise you could connect it to your other Bitrise account), so all you have to do is:

  • Sign out on
  • Then sign in with the Bitbucket sign in option
  • That will sign you into the Bitrise account which has the Bitbucket account connection

You can then either delete that Bitrise account ( -> left side: Edit profile -> then Delete my account) or if you want to keep that account you can also just disconnect the Bitbucket account from it ( -> left sidebar: click the toggle near Bitbucket to connect/disconnect a Bitbucket account).

Once that Bitrise account is deleted (or the Bitbucket connection is disconnected) you can sign into your other Bitrise account, and simply connect the Bitbucket account on your Account Settings page ( -> left sidebar, toggle the Bitbucket option).

Emails are not required to match, you can use separate emails on and Bitbucket - you can connect any Bitbucket account to your Bitrise account, regardless of the email address, if you connect it from your Account Settings page.

If you have any questions just let us know!
Happy Building! :slight_smile:

Hi Viktor,

The problem is: I don’t know the password of my oldest account on Bitrise, so I cannot log in, in order to disable my Bitbucket account there.

Best Regards,

@miguelfreitas93 you don’t need that password. Simply:

  1. Sign out on if you’re signed in with any account
  2. Then Sign in (Bitrise - Mobile Continuous Integration and Delivery - iOS & Android Build Automation ) with Bitbucket

That will sign in to the bitrise account that Bitbucket account (the one you’re signed in on when you click the sign in with bitbucket button on - so make sure you’re signed in on bitbucket with the right bitbucket account) is attached to.

If you have any questions just let us know!
Happy Building! :slight_smile: