Allow to have same Bitbucket/Github/etc account in different Bitrise accounts

Description of the feature request

At the moment if you want to connect to Bitbucket/Github/… with an account already used in another Bitrise-account, Bitrise is showing a message and not allowing you to move forward. Only option is to use the manual GIT feature.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I am involved with 1 account in several teams on BitBucket; all these teams are different companies I work for (consultancy). These companies want to use their own Bitrise account so when trying to set this up, I found out that it’s not possible at the moment. It’s really not nice that I have to manually configure all these git urls and create SH keys.

Hi @stefandevogelaere,
Thanks for creating a feature request. Please don’t forget to vote on it :wink:

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Got it @stefandevogelaere.

The issue with this is that the Bitbucket/Github/… connections are used for Login too, not just for listing repos. That’s why one BB/GitHub/… account can only be connected to one Bitrise account, because you can actually sign in with that BB/GH/… account on Bitrise.

Another thing is, if you can use a single Bitbucket/GitHub account with your clients, isn’t it possible to use one Bitrise account too? I mean it’s pretty much the same, your accounts can be part of multiple orgs, just like on GitHub/Bitbucket/… Did I miss something here? What’s the reason you can use a single BB/GH account but not a single Bitrise account? Just curious, it’s probably just me - trying to understand the use case :wink:

It’s a cost issue.
They want their own bitrise instance.
But I have same account added to their repos as I have to other’s clients repos. So basically I share my account into different Bitbucket repos/teams. But when I try to add it to bitrise it fails.
I can use the manual git, but then I have to add shh key per repo and I have to define webhooks manually.

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I definitely miss something… Why is it a cost issue on bitrise but not on Bitbucket? I mean if they invite your single Bitbucket account into many client projects/orgs/repos, they can do the same on bitrise, there’s no additional per-user charge on

It’s probably just me, sorry @stefandevogelaere, but could you ELI5?

For me the two things seem to be the same, if you can share an account on bitbucket I don’t see why you’d need multiple bitrise accounts, the team member systems are quite similar.

:slight_smile: The quote “it’s a cost issue” is not that they do not want to pay :slight_smile:



ORG1 and ORG2 are two companies, they do not have any connection with each other, two separate clients.

Both ORG1 and ORG2 invite me to their Bitbucket account. I am using 1 account for all my Bitbucket repos for different clients.


Both companies have their own BITRISE account, they do not share anything with each other, because they are just 2 different companies.

Again, also these Bitrise accounts invite me, I am using one account, that’s very handy.

So, now I want to add a new App and want to use BITBUCKET. I cannot use the automatic feature because my Bitbucket account is already associated with BITRISE ACCOUNT 1.

I hope that makes a more explanation…

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Sure, I think I understand the concept now @stefandevogelaere, thanks for the details - my question is mainly: if you can use a single Bitbucket account what’s the reason you can’t use a single Bitrise account? A single Bitrise account can be invited into multiple Bitrise organizations, just like a single Bitbucket account can be added to multiple Bitbucket organizations.

So one Bitrise account has a team subscription, another has an organization subscription.
Is it possible to create organizations for a team plan? (I don’t think so).
Can I add my account to a Team subscription as admin?

Sure, a single Bitrise account can be part of multiple Orgs, as well as can be invited into apps directly (on the Team tab of the app).

Ok understand, but a team plan cannot have organization defined; that’s for the higher plans only.

There is not a way I can invite anybody on a team plan to be an admin on the team. Once I created an app (and connected bitbucket) then I can invite somebody else.

In case of a Team plan you invite users into the app directly, on the Team tab of the app.

  1. Register the app
  2. Open the Team tab of the app
  3. Invite the other user as admin

I know… but then the app is already created and the Bitbucket account is linked – do you see the point?

You can do this with a single account. You can also:

  1. Register the app with your Bitrise account where you have the Bitbucket connection
  2. Once registered, transfer the app to the user you want to make its final owner (e.g. the user with the Team subscription).

This flow is quite common, as in lots of cases the developer registers the app/repo, but the team has a separate account for the subscription. The dev simply registers the app with her/his own Bitrise account then transfers the ownership to the subscription user (usually a non technical user account in this use case).

Ok, thanks for explaining this flow. That could work.

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