Developer Pipeline Analytics Tool

Description of the feature request

Graph view of a value change over time (e.g. last month, last year,…)
things to show: build times, pipeline load, graph of succeeded builds against failed builds (in %), number of builds, number of succeeded builds, number of failed builds, testcases failed / succeeded

Additional infos to show in that graph: build step count over time, stack used against build time

Additional analysis tools:
History of changes (build step version numbers used, stack used)

Use case / for what or how I would use it

As a developer I want to use the CI also to show robustness of my build and identify significant compiling time changes (e.g. Xcode update did a significant compiletime change, or version xy was double the time than version ab in building)

As step 1 it would be nice to have a platform where people can build their own analyses tools which are provided to the comunity like the build-steps. Then you can just use these “plugins” to create your own analyses overview.