Build dashboard / Build Time Trend / Stats / Analytics

A dashboard view containing average build duration, % successful, and other metrics would be nice.

Awesome idea and thanks for the link!

Note: once the Public API is finalized adding support to should be possible and hopefully a simple task.

@bootstraponline if you have the time to list what endpoints would be needed for this it’d be awesome and we could prioritize those endpoints.

I think all the necessary endpoints exist (app enumeration, build duration, build success). I’m looking into options for sending this data to a dashboard service instead of writing something custom. There are quite a few projects in this space.


Could you please clarify this a bit? Do you mean a webhook, sending these events from to the service?
If all the endpoints are available, what should we provide for this?

I was hoping bitrise might add support directly in the web UI. A stats page would display metrics related to pass/failure and build duration.

I think I figured out a good solution for building out a custom dashboard though. I will post back once it’s working.

Ahh, OK, got it. I thought this request is about an integration with an existing system, like the ones you linked, but this is clear now that this request is about a built in feature. Sorry it took so long to realize :slight_smile:

Awesome, let us know if we can help with anything! :wink:

I used the bitrise API along with the sheets v4 API
and Google data Studio to build a custom dashboard.

This workflow is nice since there’s no server to maintain and the raw data is in a spreadsheet.

It would be nice if we could attach metadata to builds (for example the test count). It’s difficult to determine from the existing API how many tests we have. The lack of data limits the visualization possibilities. The existing information is good for measuring build success and duration.

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Great idea, but a bit out of scope for this Feature Requests I think. We should either modify the Feature Requests’s title & description or create a new one for the metadata, as I believe this would be useful outside of a dashboard context too. is a pretty cool demo of what a built in dashboard looks like on Sauce Labs. This could even be an additional paid for feature. :slight_smile:

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It would be nice if we can see build duration trend. I’ve seen such feature in Jenkins.


@toshi0383 merged your #feature-request here - please vote on this one :wink:


another example:

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@bootstraponline thanks for the link / example! Just a note: I believe our API now has all the data to do something like this, so this can now be implemented by anyone. The feature request in itself is for a built in way of course, just wanted to note that in case someone desperately needs this right now it should be possible to do, using the API (just like the one you linked @bootstraponline).

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This is something we would really like to see as well. Has anyone implemented a dashboard based on the API already?
It would be great if you could also trigger workflows from the dashboard as well (e.g. a project manager could trigger a TestFlight build & upload).

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I’ve implemented two. First I started with data studio. That didn’t scale well as we have a bunch of jobs on bitrise. I’m currently using a Google sheets based report. Bitrise API works great.

1 Like is a great example of an enterprise test dashboard.


I’d love if anyone had instructions on how to put a simple dashboard together. I’d love to get my build success rate and my test success/failures there.

@coltonidle you can use the API to create one:

Thanks. Good to see a 0.1 is available. Since I’m new to bitrise. What’s the typical way to display unit test pass/fails with my team? Same with something like an Android lint check sample? Is this something I would get through the api and input into a dashboard?

You mean test results in a single build or stats of multiple builds?