Deploy to google play. steps missing?

I have been following this guide

which states:

This guide describes how you can add your Android project to and deploy the APK built from your project to Google Play Store.

It really seems to me that some steps are missing. I am not sure if this is just done automatically, but no where it mentions anything about signing or building the apk.

So I did exactly what the guide said. And even though i was extremly spectical that this would be enough I tried to push and trigger the build pipeline. As my assumptions, something was missing.

I got the build error:

INFO[04:47:52] * [OK] Step dependency (go) installed, available.

  • JSONKeyPath: https://con***7b9
  • PackageName: com.dashboardwrapper
  • ApkPath:
  • ExpansionfilePath:
  • Track: alpha
  • UserFraction: 0.5
  • WhatsnewsDir:
  • MappingFile:
  • UntrackBlockingVersions: true
    Issue with input: issue with input ApkPath: parameter not specified

However the guide from above, does NOT mention anything about setting ApkPath:

  1. Fill out the required input fields which are:
  • Service Account JSON key file path : This field can accept a remote url so you have to provide the environment which contains your uploaded service account JSON key. For example: $BITRISEIO_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_JSON_KEY_URL
  • Package name : the package name of your Android app
  • Track : the track where you want to deploy your APK (alpha/beta/rollout/production)

And that is it. guide ends here. with the comment:

Your workflow is ready for deploying your app automatically to Google Play Store. Once the app is tested and generated, you can upload it to Google Play Store.

Can someone please explain what is missing or point me to a more complete guide?


After digging around I find this guide:

Which seems to be required before the previous posted link. (Would have been great if you would have listed this in the requirements)

And before this step to workout I need a beforehand step to generate $BITRISE_SOURCE_DIR

Feel like I am getting this in reversed order. No matter how hard i google i find it very difficult to find a complete guide in the correct order - all you need to setup automatic google play deploy.

Hi @rpuls! :slight_smile:

The guide I’d initially recommend is this one:

Based on the error message Issue with input: issue with input ApkPath: parameter not specified the most likely explanation for this error is you have not generated an APK during the build and therefore the step isn’t able to find it.

The guide doesn’t explicitly mention this, because your APK will be automatically in the right directory, in case it exists. In short, you have to include either the Android Build or the Gradle Runner step to accomplish this.

For future reference please provide us with a log file and build URLs so we can see what’s going on and what you might be missing! For faster help also reach out to us on the on-site chat too :slight_smile:

Hey @bitce thanks! This guide seems to be way more in depth. From that link I could read about the drop down that will switch between primary and deploy, and inside the deploy workflow the missing parts were almost auto generated!

Though I do think it would make a lot of sense to include something about the build or gradle runner is required beforehand, in the guide that I found. I think a lot of people will land on that page based on their google search, and from reading it, it seems that you are ready to go just by following those few steps :wink:

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