Configure what shows on the public download page

Description of the feature request

would be nice if we could configure what shows on the public download page

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Right now, when we access the public download page, we just have the name of the app and the version.

would be awesome if we could configure that page to be able to add the date and branch of the build so the tester can know for sure he’s testing the right build

Hey @jpita!

Thanks for the #feature-request! This shouldn’t be too hard to implement :slightly_smiling_face: We’ll keep an eye on the votes! :wink:


@jpita thanks again for the #feature-request!

Do you have a complete list of what things you’d like to see there?

Hi @yas375,

This is our current public install page, from the top of my head would be nice to have:

Thanks for taking the time.

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We would love this as well. Ability to add a QR code image, so that testers who want to easily install that build can scan the code to open the install page. We do this on some internal installation pages outside of bitrise, and it’s the first thing the testers asked for after we started using bitrise.