Can't store bitrise.yaml in repository if it contains multiple apps, because the trigger map is duplicated

An update was just released that allows you to store your bitrise.yaml file in your repository. If you have multiple apps in the repository, the docs suggest:

If you have two or more Bitrise apps connected to the same repository, you can store all their Workflows in the same bitrise.yml file.

However, it’s impossible to set up a trigger map with multiple apps in the same repository. For example, if I have an iOS and Android app in my repo, and my bitrise.yaml includes something like this…

- push_branch: release/*
  workflow: qa

…both the iOS and Android apps will kick off the qa build when that branch is pushed to. Any triggered workflow will in effect be duplicated.

With this constraint, it doesn’t seem possible to use the new repo storage feature with multiple apps. There would need to be a way to point to different YAML files per app, or create multiple trigger maps per app.

Hi @timtraversy3!

This is correct, the dialog box you’re quoting also goes on to further explain the behaviour:

Of course each Workflow must have a different name: you can’t have two primary Workflows in the same file, for example.

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