Trigger two workflows for github PR checks

Currently I’m trying to trigger two workflows to use Github webhooks when there is a push, but I get this error “Error saving app config: Failed to get config (bitrise.yml) from base 64 data, err: Failed to parse bitrise config, error: duplicated trigger item found (push_branch: *)”


  1. Bitrise workflow
  2. Triggers tab, add trigger, Push branch * select other workflow
  3. Save
  4. I get the error saving.

Is it possible to have two Bitrise workflows in same app report to Gtihub?
I’m following this tutorial devcenter/ at master · bitrise-io/devcenter · GitHub


Webhook can trigger only one build at a time:

If you want to run multiple workflows you can use steps like or

Hi Koral, Thank you for your answer. I created a new app to run the workflow.

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