Storing bitrise.yml and your projects in separate repositories


I’m trying to put the Bitrise.yml file in a separate repository. I followed the steps in the documentation but these are not so specific about how should we write the scripts for cloning the second repository and about how starting the workflow with the cloned YML file from the new repo.

This is the documentation I followed:

“You have to set up a simple workflow on Bitrise which contains a Git Clone Repository Step and two Script Steps. The Git Clone Repository Step clones your project’s repo (repo A), the first Script Step clones the yml repository (from repo B), and the second Script Step starts running the workflow specified in your yml.”
from -> (

Could someone help me with the right way of writing those scripts?

  1. For cloning a second repo
  2. For running the workflow specified in the yml

Thanks in advance

Hi @carlos_torres75! I’m not sure I understand correctly, but you can clone a Git repository with git clone and pasting the URL of the repository after it, like this:

git clone

You might have to authenticate with SSH depending on your git provider / set up. After this, you can use the Bitrise Run step to run a .yml by providing the path to the .yml you just downloaded.

That said, what’s the reason you have to keep separate .ymls in separate repositories?

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