Can no longer download Adhoc and AppStore IPAs onto MacBook from browser

Hi Bitrise!

Until recently I was able to download the Adhoc and AppStore IPA files found under Apps & Artifacts on a successful build page with my MacBook that I use for development.

Now the download link for Adhoc builds requires my device to be registered (which won’t match the Provisioning Profile because it is a MacBook and not an iOS device) and the AppStore download link just doesn’t exist either.

We really need the ability to download these builds because we back them up for audit-ability reasons and we also have other clients that we support where we build the apps for them and then give them the IPA files from Bitrise which they then re-sign and upload to their App Store account that we do not have access to. One of those clients has a release in a few days time that we have to deliver for and now we cannot do that.

If there is any way to download these IPA files still please do let me know but this is incredibly urgent for us.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

All the best,

I’ve filed a support ticket for this issue too and still no response either.

Issue was resolved with support. If this is happening to you, switch browsers or use an incognito tab. It seems that something was cached and preventing the download button from appearing.

That’s correct, sorry for the delay.

This is happening on Safari only, because a change was made so that only eligible devices can download applications. Outside of Safari this should not occur!

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