iOS Auto Provisioning Step downloads the wrong profile

In one of our apps, Bitrise seems to download the wrong provisioning profile for an app-store build:

Ensure Provisioning Profiles on Developer Portal
checking xcode managed development profile for target: APP (BUNDLE ID) with 5 services on developer portal
downloading development profile: iOS Team Provisioning Profile: BUNDLE ID
checking xcode managed app-store profile for target: APP (BUNDLE ID) with 5 services on developer portal
downloading app-store profile: iOS Team Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile: BUNDLE ID

Why is it using an Ad Hoc provisioning profile for the app-store build? Later on the archive step fails due to a missing profile.

Here is the build:


We have a similar issue, though it’s downloading the wrong platform (iOS vs tvOS)

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@matthias.buchetics we’re working on the fix, the PR is already available (, should be in the next update/version :slight_smile:

@yonas thanks for reporting, just replied on github, we’ll check & fix that too ASAP! :slight_smile:

Hi all,
thanks for the reports!

We released a new version (1.0.2), which can distinguish between app-store and ad-hoc and ios and tvos profiles.

@matthias.buchetics & @yonas can you please test the new version of the step and let us know how it goes?

Hello @viktorbenei @godreikrisztian, I created which should solve this issue. Could you check it up?
BTW issue still occurs in v1.4.2

Hey there @eduardo.miranda,

Thanks for being so awesome and contributing with this PR :wink:
We’ll take a look at it as soon as we can! :slight_smile:

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Hello @matthias.buchetics,

CC: @yonas

This issue should be resolved by now, please try the latest release if the issue still persists.

I will be closing this thread in a few days if no objections.