Randomly unable to load Test Results


My team uses the Test Results (addons-testing.bitrise.io) feature with our CI builds.

We have no issues viewing any of the main build logs (e.g. https://app.bitrise.io/build/<<build_slug>>#?tab=log), but we frequently have issues loading the Test Results.

I recently asked 8 member of my team to load the same Test Results link and we had 3 team members who were able to load it, and 5 who were not.

Those that could not load it were presented with this screen:

In order to diagnose this issue, I logged into Bitrise.io on Safari (a browser I do not normally use) and was able to load the build logs for any build I wanted. I was also able to load the Test Results for some builds, but not others.

Is there a permission setting that we may have incorrectly set?