Randomly unable to load Test Results

My team uses the Test Results (addons-testing.bitrise.io) feature with our CI builds.

We have no issues viewing any of the main build logs (e.g. https://app.bitrise.io/build/<<build_slug>>#?tab=log), but we frequently have issues loading the Test Results.

I recently asked 8 member of my team to load the same Test Results link and we had 3 team members who were able to load it, and 5 who were not.

Those that could not load it were presented with this screen:

In order to diagnose this issue, I logged into Bitrise.io on Safari (a browser I do not normally use) and was able to load the build logs for any build I wanted. I was also able to load the Test Results for some builds, but not others.

Is there a permission setting that we may have incorrectly set?

Hello there @danieljette :wave:

This sounds like a browser based issue :thinking: Have you tried looking at the Test reports in an incognito window? Are there any changes?
You could also try clearing your cache to see if the pages load correctly.

If you and your teammates still experience loading issues after that, could you please send a screenshot of the issues displayed on the browser’s console and a screenshot of the network tab of the browser’s console (make sure to open the network tab before loading the page)? :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply @Roland-Bak

We were able to resolve this issue via Bitrise support. The problem was that we were sharing the redirect destination, and not the original redirect link.

e.g. https://app.bitrise.io/app/.../addon/addons-testing/login_page?build_slug=

That’s great news, @danieljette ! :slight_smile:

And thank you for sharing the solution with the community :+1:

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