Build job history & revert

Description of the feature request

Working on a build job for a while. Bitrise doesn’t update in real time. I had two tabs open. I closed one tab, then saved on the other tab. This had the old version of the workflow and deleted everything I’d been working on for hours.

An alert that the workflow is out of date when other users modified the workflow would also be helpful. Similar to how GitHub asks users to refresh when a pull request changes.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Let’s not make it super easy to overwrite workflows with old data. Ideally there’d be both a history view with revert support and live updates for all tabs pointing to the same workflow (similar to Google Docs).

Definitely a great idea @bootstraponline!

Just a note: you can see every build’s YML and even one-click restore that on the build’s details page:

Additional history & audit feature would be nice I agree, just wanted to mention this option, as it helped quite a few users in the past in similar overwrite cases :slight_smile:


That’s amazing! I didn’t know about that feature.


Ohh, I thought you knew about it - we should definitely highlight this better on the UI…

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