Keeping Version history of bitrise.yml

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I’m curious about the following: Let’s say sometime in the future, someone accidentally deletes some workflow. I guess it will be hard to do a rollback and recover the workflow, is that correct?

Which leads me to the second question: is there a way to keep doing all changes through the web dashboard, while commiting the bitrise.yml file to the source repo when changes are made? I know that there is a way to manually download the file from the web dashboard, but I’m wondering if there is a way to access the bitrise.yml file programmatically somehow, and commit it to the repo?

By the way, I read the guide on using bitrise.yml from repository but couldn’t see anything related to being able to use the web dashboard to do all changes while keeping a version history of the bitrise.yml in case we need to go back to a specific version (also to keep a backup somewhere).

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Hi @spinach, thanks for your question and the nice words! :blush:

While there isn’t complete history of .ymls available on the UI, you can restory any state of the .yml based on earlier workflows:

As for storing the .yml in the repo, I’d recommend you check out our guide on our Offline Workflow Editor:

The workflow from the .yml can be run by cd-ing into the directory where the .yml is present, and after that (in the same script step) calling the bitrise run <workflowname> command.

Hope this helps clear things up, let us know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:

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