Restore current bitrise.yml to build's bitrise.yml

About half a year ago we started to store Bitrise.yml files for every build, so that you can always check the config a given build was running with and use that if you need it. Today we enhance this with a side-by-side diff and a one-click restore, right from the popup!

To check the build’s Bitrise.yml you have to select a build and click on “BUILD’S BITRISE.YML” button on Build logs section’s header.

By clicking on the button comes up a popup and in this popup you will see the bitrise.yml which was used for the build. The content will be loaded into the good old ace editor but you’ll not be able to edit it. It makes easier to check the build and it could serve as a backup.

From now, if your current Bitrise.yml file differs from the build’s Bitrise.yml file you will see two ace editors in the popup. On the left side the build’s Bitrise.yml and on the right side the current Bitrise.yml. The differences between the two yml files will be highlighted with different colours.

The lines which highlighted with:

  • green background - added content :four_leaf_clover:
  • blue background - changed content :whale:
  • orange background - deleted content :no_entry:

We hope that with this will be super easy to check your changes.

That’s not all, you can restore to build’s bitrise.yml right from the popup, just click on RESTORE button. :rocket:
You have to confirm this action, because it overrides the bitrise.yml.