History about user activity (audit)

Hi there

i would like to tell you that i am bitrise user since 1 year and very happy with it’s features,
after using bitrise i would like to suggest one feature request which is below .

History About user Activity

i request you to add History log about user activity like workflow changes , build scheduling , start build , adding build step or removing so if one of team member will change anything other member get idea about that and if they find it wrong they can make it correct . because it can prevent unusual happening.

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I’d love to see this, thanks @ZebpayMayur for the feature request!

P.S.: don’t forget to Vote on this request :wink:

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For auditing, it’d be helpful to have a list of edits to each workflow.

Great idea !

Moreover, it could be interesting to have an internal process for versionning workflow in order to switch versions easily.


Great idea @jessyhanzo! In the meantime, although this can’t really be used for audit, more for day-to-day utility/backup, you can check every build’s bitrise.yml and restore it if you want to with a single click, as well as see the diff vs the current config on every build’s page!

More details:

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I’d love to have my build versioned as @jessyhanzo mentions. I think it is a very critical feature. It is nice to know that this workaround exists @viktorbenei in case of necessity. However it is not very user-friendly nor very immediate to grasp. Should we open a feature request especially on build versioning (I mean that would be separated from the current thread more about “User Activity Thread”) ?

That’s a good idea - but before that, could you please share a bit more info about what you mean by “build versioning”? What would be versioned & how would it be versioned? What should be changed / what’s not available right now?

Ideally I imagine something like a google doc history for example on a particular build:
10/10/2018 08:53:34 : Your teammate Paul removed step “Checkout”
11/12/2018 09:47:32 : You changed the value “blabla” from “true” to “false” in step “somestep”

With the possibility of rollbacking some changes.

MVP would be being able to diff the yml of some day with the current yml

[edit] just seen the link you provided, it seems like it’s already a feature. I missed it, it’s maybe not accessible in the worklow editor? Maybe just in build instance page? [/edit]

Reasoning as a developper I imagine the different builds stored in different yml files versionned with git. So i can rollback/review changes/forcing X code reviews on changes before actually being able to save a change of a workflow

From my point of view CI/CD logic is as critical as application business logic for the product and should be treated with equal care (review, versioning).


Correct, the diff is available on the build page but not in the editor directly.

That’s definitely an option if you’re interested in storing the config in your repo: https://devcenter.bitrise.io/tips-and-tricks/use-bitrise-yml-from-repository/

Got it and I definitely agree! :slight_smile: