Rolling Builds specific to workflow

In Settings, there is a feature called: ROLLING BUILDS, described as “Auto-cancel on-hold builds if a new build is triggered on the same branch”

There’s a couple other options that can also be enabled:

  • Pull Requests Will cancel all previous builds for Pull Requests and all related Pushes
  • Pushes Will cancel all previous builds for Pushes to the same branch
  • Running builds Will also auto-cancel running builds in addition to on-hold ones

The problem I’m hitting into is that it’s cancelling builds of different workflows.
e.g. we have unit_test automatically kick off whenever someone pushes to develop

When this happens, any build that is targeting develop will be canceled, even if it’s a different workflow (e.g. ui_automation)

Is there a way to configure this so that it only cancels other builds of the same workflow?


Hi @thon,

The trigger map currently can only trigger one workflow for a specific branch. Even if you set up two separate triggers for the develop branch, Bitrise will only care about the one you specified first (top of the list).

Can you please share a bit more info about your trigger map structure or config in general? Are you triggering builds from inside your workflow with the build trigger API?

Thank you!

@daniel The multi-workflows described here are a good example use case.

@ubuntudroid Yup, my guess is the same, that this is what happens. Can you confirm this @thon?

My use case is a bit different.

Here’s how my project is set up. Under Triggers, I have:

Push branch develop --> Workflow: unit_test

I also have several workflows that I’ve scheduled to run nightly against develop

  • acceptance_test_1
  • acceptance_test_2
  • acceptance_test_3
  • acceptance_test_4
  • acceptance_test_5

With rolling builds enabled, what I’m seeing when I push a new commit to develop is that it will schedule the unit_test workflow, but cancel any acceptance test that is on hold because they’re also targeting develop.

Oh, that’s ugly indeed. Strong case for workflow specific rolling builds IMHO.


Hey folks, I’m closing this thread as this has been implemented for a while, the current behavior of Rolling Builds is that it will cancel build for the same branch and workflow combination.