Disable rolling builds for a specific workflow

Hello guys,

It would be great if we can disable the rolling builds feature for a specific workflow. I ran into this issue where I have a workflow that I want to build 8 times in parallel with a different env variable that I pass for each build that will change the build based on that. Because of the feature Rolling Builds, 7 builds get canceled every time I trigger the 8 builds. We still need the Rolling Builds feature for all other workflows though.

Her’s How I trigger the 8 builds from a shell script.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -x

strings=("ClientFoundation" "CoreOrdering" "Discovery" "Fintech" "Location" "Marketing" "NewBusiness" "PlatformFoundation")

for i in "${strings[@]}"; do
    curl https://app.bitrise.io/app/12345/build/start.json --data
"hook_info": {"type":"bitrise","build_trigger_token":"12345"},
"build_params": {"branch":"development","workflow_id":"Regression-Test-Tribe-Based",
"environments": [{"mapped_to":"TRIBE","value":"'$i'","is_expand":true}'


Now, I had to create 8 duplicated wokflows with just a different TRIBE name that our app will build tests for that specific tribe as a workaround. All the other steps are the same. I think it would make sense to disable Rolling Builds for a specific workflow so we don’t have to duplicate workflows that we need to run in parallel on the same branch.

If you guys have any suggestions I would appreciate your feedback

Thanks for your great work!