Bitrise iOS Client

Hi there!

My team and I are using Bitrise, and for more convenience I developed an iOS client :slight_smile:

Currently it just does the basics, but I’m still working on it to make it better (build’s details, aborting a build, retry a failed build, …)

The app, “Builder - Bitrise unofficial”, is available on the App Store for those who want to give it a try:


Awesome news, thanks for creating the app & sharing it here @ghislainfrs ! :tada: :slight_smile:

Just wondering, is it open source? :thinking: @ghislainfrs

Not yet… but I’m thinking about it

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If you’d open source it let us know, I’d be interested for sure and I guess I’m not the only one :wink:

Great job :slight_smile: Thought unfortunately I downloaded the latest version and it crashes after I authenticate the app. I do like the features and the user interface though

On another note, I wasn’t sure if I should make a new thread, or we could just keep a list of all the clients for a given platform in a single thread, - maybe the admins could advise on this one? - but I’ve been building a client since June - it’s finally approaching a 1.0 release. If you guys wanted to try it out, the beta link is below:

It’s still in testing, but will also be available for free. This isn’t to diminish anyone else’s work, just something I wanted to try for both Bitrise users and my own learning on the iOS platform, and there’s no harm in giving users a choice :slight_smile:


  • list of projects
  • list of builds per project
  • abort a running build
  • rebuild a previously completed build
  • view bitrise.yml
  • view regular and complete logs
  • start a new build
  • generate and authenticate via personal access token ( accessed via a WKWebView controller for an integrated experience)