Bits CI - Client for iOS

Hey guys,

I’d love to share something that I’ve been working on since June. It’s an iOS client for our favourite CI system. It joins the ranks of Bitrise Unofficial for Android and Builder for iOS to offer you another way to manage your Bitrise projects and builds.

Like those two clients, it’s completely free to use. It’s a project that I wanted to primarily use to drive my own learning, and to keep my development skills up to date.

It’s currently not open source; the main reason being is that I have to still set up things like contribution guide and so on, but also because I wanted to establish a strong foundation for the project to start. In the future this is definitely on the cards.

Current feature set:

  • View a list of projects (can be filtered by name).
  • View a list of builds for each project. Swipe from right to left on a build row to expose ‘Rebuild’ option; swipe from left to right (while a build is running) to expose the ‘Abort’ option.
  • Project and build rows show additional info such as current status, build # and so on.
  • View the project’s YML
  • View regular and full logs for each build
  • User profile and user’s organisations (where applicable)
  • Start a new build (parameters aren’t pre-filled, except for the default branch, but can be looked up in the YML file or on the build row information if you forgot)

Your feature suggestions and any other feedback are most welcome.


Hi @Alexei,

Sorry, we left this without reply, this is really cool! I’ve downloaded it last week right away and been using it since, it’s really cool! :heart_eyes:

The only minor inconveniences I’ve suffered was that it seems to crash for me each time I attempt to search for a project, but I don’t mind scrolling :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the kind words! Very happy that you find it useful and enjoy the experience.

Re: crash, that’s really odd - I haven’t encountered any, but if it’s not too much trouble would you mind shooting me the following:

  • search strings when the crash happens (unless it’s any search)
  • device/operating system version

Analytics didn’t pick it up straight away because it was unsymbolicated, that’s taken care of now.

Did fix an issue just then that prevented user from selecting an app when filtering and simply dismissed the filtered result set - so that should be all good in the next release

More than happy to look into any crashes that you guys find :slight_smile:

The issue seemed to be present on every search attempt, however other apps felt “clunky” as well, so after a device restart I can no longer recreate this, which is nice, sorry for the false alarm :smiley:

I’m on an 7 Plus and iOS 12.01, just started a few builds, all seems good!

There isn’t any specific improvement I could suggest at the moment, will keep using it and will come back here if anything comes to mind. Looking forward to the next release! :blush:

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A small, but important announcement -

Bits CI is now open source!

This has been a long-term goal for me. There’s some more preparation work to do to make it friendly for other contributors.

README still needs updating to transition it from an internal project that it started as
CI setup (which is of course a Bitrise project :slight_smile: ) needs to be properly set up as well.

License information needs to be added.

That said, the initial release that established the main ideas for the app is done. Now I feel like the best way to make it ready is by letting others add their touch to it and provide feedback - so here it is :slight_smile:

Last, but not least:
For those who are interested in testing what’s in store for the next version, there’s a limited number of beta testing spots available. If you’d like to be included, feel free to pm me and I’ll give you a link to the Test Flight build.

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