Bitrise CLI fails in `npm install` step - bitrise go toolkit

I am running Bitrise CLI to debug my build which is failing on

When running Bitrise CLI on my local fresh git clone, the build fails at the first step (npm install) with the follow error message related to bitrise go toolkit:

Step (npm install) failed: Failed to prepare the step for execution through the required toolkit (go), error: Failed to delete temporary isolated workspace, error: unlinkat /var/folders/fw/2nf1myj53yz7vmm6cc2nf4s80000gn/T/bitrise-go-toolkit473545772/pkg/mod/ permission denied

Is this expected? Do I need to modify permissions on this directory?

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Hi @carinafw.

My apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

Has this behaviour continued since your original post? If so, please provide a build link.

Kind regards,

Hi Luna, yes it’s still happening but only when I run bitrise-cli locally. Here’s a build link to a build in bitrise cloud: . Thanks!

Hey @carinafa,

If it only occurs locally, it is likely because you are running the build again once the build has already previously downloaded these resources causing a conflict. I recommend trying to run a fresh build on a fresh clone like it would be in Bitrise Cloud (since every build is fresh).

Please try that and let me know how it goes. :slight_smile: