Bitrise Build Artifcate URL not working on IOS 13.

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Bitrise Build Artifcate URL not working on IOS 13.

Description of the issue

Bitrise .apk file URL not displaying “Install” button.


IOS 13

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I am seeing this issue as well in iPadOS 13 … the artifact page does not have the button to install the IPA anymore.


Same here for iPadOS 13.2.1. Is there a known solution or workaround? Our QA-Team cannot test and it forces our developers to do the iPad-Tests. Thanks in advance!

We’re also having this issue on iPadOS 13.1.2. No install button on the artifact page. Works fine on iOS < 13.

Hi everyone!

Sorry about the inconvenience this causes.

Due to a change in the user agent string for iPadOS, the iPadOS version of Safari currently requests the desktop versions of websites. This breaks the functionality of our public install page. As mentioned in this thread, the best workaround is currently to request the mobile version of the website in Safari’s settings.

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Thanks a lot! You saved my day (:

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