Automatic Versioning


I am using Ionic 3 with Bitrise. When am trying to send the app to iTunes Connect the app version remains at 0.0.1

I know it pulls this from config.xml but is there a way I can automate the versioning instead of manually changing it in config.xml

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I think the Manipulate cordova config.xml step will be able to do the trick for you! :upside_down_face:
you can check out the source code for the step here:
and the step itself in the workflow editor! :upside_down_face:

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Thanks. It allows me to modify the parameters - But I don’t see how I can increment it automatically. Is there is a variable in BITRISE that anyways gets incremented. I do need semver like major changes will bump up by 1 while minor / medium would < 1 ?

I shared more information about this topic at:

For a “BUILDNUM” you can use the $BITRISE_BUILD_NUMBER environment variable, which is the build’s number on and is incremented for every single build.

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