How to modify version of an ionic app?


I am trying to build a staging release and deploy it on both Android and IOS app stores. That’s why I need to modify the version with unique number so that it can be accepted by app stores. I know there are steps like “Set Android Manifest Version Code and Name” and “Set Xcode Project Build Number”, but ionic doesn’t have “AndroidManifest.xml” and “info.plist” files before preparing and building the platforms.

I’ve used the “Manipulate cordova config.xml” step before ionic archive but still there you can’t get the current version and modify it.

How can I get the current app version from config.xml and modify it with $BITRISE_BUILD_NUMBER for the staging release?



I am currently in the process of adding a Cordova app to Bitrise and i came across the same problem.
Did you find a solution by chance?