Increment build number and version code automatically

  • Change Android versionCode and versionName for Android apps.
  • Set Xcode Project Build Number for iOS apps.

always returns 11 is there a way to automatically increment this value.

Bitrise does have a variable exposing build number. You can use ENV[‘BITRISE_BUILD_NUMBER’].

Is there a way to get the incremented version because my workflow is:

  • pull data
  • build ios
  • increment build number (wrong increment, doesnt increment the one in the info.plist)
  • build android
  • increment version number (wrong increment, doesnt increment the one in the build.gradle)
  • script to git commit
  • script to push and send pull request

Not completely sure if we can increment the version number from bitrise, Maybe this can help
“{app_version} + {build_number}”, so basically you need to embed the bitrise build number to app version from the list.

Can refer this as well : How to set up a CI for multiple iOS and tvOS Apps using Fastlane and Bitrise | Bitrise

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