Automatic trigger map validation changes / improvements

Bitrise-cli from now validates whether the workflows referenced in the trigger_map exists, and also checks for duplicate patterns with same type (in which case the second pattern would never be used).

To avoid inconveniences on we automatically validate and update your trigger map. If your trigger map had invalid items then we will notify you in a popup on workflow editor page of your app that we removed them.

Additionally, using workflows which starts with underscore(’_’) as the workflow of a trigger map item is now deprecated, so if you have trigger items like that you will see a warning message on trigger map editor.

If you’d get an error in your build, something like:

Failed to create bitrise config, error: Failed to get config (bitrise.yml) from base 64 data, err: Failed to parse bitrise config, error: duplicated trigger item found (push_branch: ...) Command failed: exit status 1

A related auto fixer was just deployed for’s Workflow Editor, so, all you have to do now to fix this error is:

  1. Open the app on
  2. Open its Workflow Editor (by clicking the Workflow tab)
  3. You’ll get an info popup that the trigger map was fixed
  4. Accept that (which runs the auto fixer and removed the items causing the trigger map to be invalid), save the project and start a new build