Tag trigger not working when using repository hosted bitrise.yml

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Description of the issue

We have a trigger setup to run a specific workflow when any tag is pushed using a wildcard.

This trigger is defined both in the Bitrise.io UI under the triggers section, and in our bitrise.yml stored in our repository.

When I push a tag, eg ā€œ10.6.1ā€ to Github, the webhook is triggering correctly but Iā€™m getting the following in the response from Bitrise

{"success_responses":[],"failed_responses":[{"status":"error","message":"trigger pattern did not match any defined mapping: no matching pipeline \u0026 workflow found with trigger params: push-branch: , pr-source-branch: , pr-target-branch: , tag: 10.6.1","service":"bitrise","slug":"d48c062f84c30c08","build_slug":"","build_number":0,"build_url":"","triggered_workflow":""}]}

If I change the bitrise.yml to be hosted on Bitrise, the trigger works correctly.

This is the current trigger map in our bitrise.yml

- push_branch: master
  workflow: Validate
- pull_request_target_branch: master
  workflow: QA
- pull_request_target_branch: develop
  workflow: QA
- pull_request_target_branch: feature*
  workflow: QA
- pull_request_target_branch: release*
  workflow: QA
- tag: "*"
  workflow: Sandbox


On Bitrise.io

Which build Step causes the issue and which version of the step?

Tag build trigger

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