Auto provisioning with new bundle identifiers

For an internal build test workflow, we have tried setting the bundle identifier of our app using the Set iOS Info.plist - Bundle Identifier workflow step.

This is to create an ID <app-bundle>.test so as to make a unique test bundle. This is a registered and valid bundle ID on our Apple developer account.

I can see the Info.plist is updated correctly. However, the auto provisioning step within Xcode Archive & Export for iOS still attempts to sign it with the original bundle identifier found inside project.pbxproj > PRODUCT_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER.

I had expected a new provisioning profile to be created for the new bundle from Info.plist. Is there anything I could be doing incorrectly?

Many thanks.

This will likely require looking at your config and build with support access.

Can you create a ticket here so we can look into this issue for you please?

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