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I have the problem when trying to create new build with new Bundle Identifier, which I set from my workflow. The error message states:
“error: No profiles for ‘new_bundle_id’ were found: Xcode couldn’t find any iOS App Development provisioning profiles matching ‘new_bundle_id’. Automatic signing is disabled and unable to generate a profile. To enable automatic signing, pass -allowProvisioningUpdates to xcodebuild. (in target ‘target’ from project ‘’)”.
I have iOS Auto provision enabled in my workflow as well as in my project. Also I have uploaded the right certificates (in this case development .p12). As I guess I have to enable “allowProvisioningUpdates” for my archive step, but I don’t know why. I’d be very grateful if someone could help.

I’ve solved the problem, after adding update Xcode provisioning with code style manual to the workflow , so now everything works fine.

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