Auto-increment app version if the app was approved by AppStore

Hi all,
I have two separate numbers for version and build. Let’s say version starts from 1.0.1 and build - 1. We made some multiple updates and now we have build number - 17 and version stays the same - 1.0.1. We send it for approving to AppStore. Right now I have to change version number manually from 1.0.1 to 1.1.1 (with build number I don’t have any problems because it takes the value from $BITRISE_BUILD_NUMBER). How can I check (if it possible) if our app is approved and increment version number automatically?

Hello, when your app is approved, you receive an email.

So you could use a service like IFTT or Google Apps Scripts (if it’s a gmail address) to detect an approval and then call Bitrise API to trigger a workflow “bump version”.

For the bump part, you can read my post here: