How to AutoIncrement version numbers for Ios Builds

Hi, I have a workflow which generates an IPA and uploads to s3 and hockey App. Currently, it has fixed Xcode version.

I would like to have an autoincrement for my ios builds and assign that incremented variable value to the s3.

How can I achieve this objective?


You can use the Set Xcode Project Build Number step to change the project’s build number. You need to add this step before the “Xcode Archive & Export for iOS” step something like this:

Here is a guide for it:

Will it autoincrement? or give fixed value every time workflow runs?

Yes, it will increment automatically by the $BITRISE_BUILD_NUMBER.

So if your build number is 14, then your project version will be like: 1.3.14
And in your next build your project version will be: 1.3.15
And so on.

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