Can I block a flow and then manually unblock?

I’d like to be able to add a step into my workflow that would essentially “pause” the workflow until someone manually unblocks it. eg. my workflow might look something like:

  • Compile
  • Run tests
  • Build non-prod and deploy to non-prod Testflight
  • Pause
  • Build prod and deploy to prod Testflight

The idea here is that we want builds to go into non-prod continually, but every now and then there’s a release candidate for production… for those builds, I’d like to be able to create a prod build from the same commit as the testers have been testing against in non-prod. I know I can just have a separate workflow for production, but I’m trying to reduce the chance of manual error for triggering a prod build from the wrong branch/commit.

Essentially, it is something like Buildkite’s block step (

Is there anything like this in Bitrise?

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