Cancel workflows started by Bitrise Start Build in a build that has been canceled

Description of the feature request

There should be a way to automatically cancel workflows that have been started by the Bitrise Start Build step if the workflow is aborted/fails during the Bitrise Wait for Build.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

When workflow primary executes the Bitrise Start Build step and hangs in the Bitrise Wait for Build step, and if rolling builds are enabled, when a new build is triggered, the primary workflow is aborted but the started builds keep running. This is not ideal, since the new primary workflow is put on hold because the secondary workflows are using the available concurrencies.

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Thanks for the feature request! :slight_smile:
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This would be awesome to have.

Piggybacking on the feature request : If the primary workflow is able to cancel all child workflows it triggered, it would be really handy to have an option to enable this for certain workflows.
Currently under the app settings there is an option Will cancel all previous builds for Pushes to the same branch which seems to not affect our Bitrise Start Build workflows.

Adding another option there to enable/disable build stop on code push for certain workflows (the primary ones that are triggering all other in our case) would save a lot on build time and allow us to get rid of unnecessary concurrent builds.

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