Android Facebook Key Hashes limit?

I have automated a BitBucket branch to deliver the APK to TestFairy. On first login to the app with FB I receive an error that the Key Hash for the build is not associated with the app. I was able to add the new Key Hash from the error message into the FB App admin page which then allowed login on that build.

However I now have 15 Key Hashes on the FB App Android section and adding the 16th does not enable login as it had for the previous builds.

I have double checked the key hash and removed it and added it again without success.

If I knew how the Key Hash list was ordered I could remove the most recent builds that we are no longer testing, but I am not sure the order in which FB sorts the list and my concern is deleting the Key Hash that the current Google Play release uses and prevents our users from using the app.

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Updating FB library from 4.16.0 to 4.22.1 resolved the apparent 15 key hash limit.

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Thanks for sharing the solution here @Development_Vampr! :slight_smile: