Is it possible to have more than one Android Keystore?

I can’t seem to add a second Android Keystore to my Code Signing and Files section. It says “The entered ID is not unique!” and I cannot change the file ID. Is this right?

(In my case, one key was used by one dev to sign for one store, while a different key was used for another, so I need access to both to sign depending on where I’m going)

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Correct, you can only have one “Keystore File Item”, but you can upload additional keystore files as regular files (Generic File Storage docs), and then just specify the passwords etc as App Env Vars or Secret Env Vars, or directly as the step(s)’ input.


i am new to bitrise for android and i have two questions about this scenario:

  1. does each build uses a new debug keystore? or it set only once?
  2. when i tried to sign the apk using the debug keystore from our environment (by uploading it as generic file), and then publish it to fabric beta it seems that the singature was not from my configuration, can you help?

Hey @mintapp!

Keystores are specific to apps, so multiple builds use them generally.
As for your issue, sure thing! Please send us the URL or the log file of the build in question, preferably on our on-site chat, or in a separate issue thread here, and we’ll look into it ASAP! :slightly_smiling_face:

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