Export Flutter test results to Test Reports

Description of the feature request

I’d like to be able to see test results of Flutter tests step in Test Reports extension.

This can be easily done with tojunit tool as described in my issue here. With flutter test --machine | tojunit command we can get junit test report file that can be parsed by the Test Reports extension. This requries dart to be available in PATH.

I’ve already tried to come up with my own contribution to official Flutter test step, but I don’t know golang enough to make it work.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Well, to see test results from my Flutter apps workflows :wink:

Hi @tamaspapik

Hi @dominik.roszkowski

Thanks for pinging me. Looking into it. :rocket:

Just created and internal ticket to look into it. :+1:

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@dominik.roszkowski could you please provide us a sample flutter app which does generate some test results to test with?

Thanks in advance.


Any update to this?

Hi @salman.muhammad, this is still being worked on, but we’ll let you know if anything changes! :slight_smile:

Hello there,
A PR to take into account flutter tests and export them with junitreport so that they can be used with Test Report Addon.


@Roland-Bak for some reasons, the bitrise test run is successful & I can use the step in my workflows but it indicates that it does fail on the PR test ?

Hey there @etiennecadicidean!

Could you please open another issue with your question, where you send us your build log so we could take a closer look? :slight_smile: