Separate exporting test results for Test Reports from test steps as an independent step

Description of the feature request

Now the process exporting test results is embedded into specific test steps listing in the document of Test Reports and some feature requests have been created for other use cases to support Test Reports.

I think requests like above will be posted for other use cases, and in this situation, adding new step to export test results for Test Reports and separate that process from test steps is better way to cover more use cases rather than adding exporting process into all test steps Bitrise provides.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

For users who have workflows that don’t use the test steps currently supporting Test Reports to be able to use Test Reports extension easily.

Hi @nashcft!

Thanks for the #feature-request! You’re making a really good point.

We understand that users have different solutions from testing and would like to see everyone be able to use their own solution with the Add-on in the long run.

Thanks for bringing this up!