Add ability to disable "Build trigger failed" activity events

Continuing the discussion from Avoid "Build trigger failed" spam in activity list:

For example, there may be a switch somewhere in app settings which will disable all those events or (more flexible) add a new key to trigger_map, like that:


  • push_branch: "master"
    workflow: primary
  • push_branch: "*"
    disabled: true

From the original #question-answer topic:

I don’t want to trigger any workflow for particular event e.g. push to a branch matching a given pattern, so I don’t specify any mapping in trigger_map according to the documentation. It works, however, activity list is polluted by messages like

Build trigger failed: trigger-pattern (push_branch:foo) (pr_source_branch:) (pr_target_branch:) (tag:) did not match any defined workflow in trigger_map

Since there is intentionally no trigger for that event I also don’t want failure messages.
Is there any way to prevent them? I haven’t found anything in the docs.

Thanks @koral for creating the #feature-request!

I copy pasted your original post from #question-answer here, to make it easier for others to know what this request is about - feel free to edit it if you like.

Hello! I have the same exact issue, but I think a more generic and acceptable solution would involve two parts:

  1. Update the messaging: Replace “Build trigger failed” with “Build trigger ignored” and change the styling of the message in the Activity log to “warning” yellow instead of “error” red (maybe the same as “build aborted”).
  2. Allow activity filtering: Similar to browser consoles, allow us to filter classes of activities on this page, e.g. Error, Warning, Info, Debug, Log, etc. Make this setting sticky per-user (or per-browser session, if it’s easier).

Please let me know if this can be considered, or if you think I should create a separate issue. Thanks!

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Thanks for the suggestions @usmonster! I think they highly related to this #feature-request, but don’t forget to vote for it!