Powerful build automation: Introducing enhanced build triggers!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of enhanced build triggers, designed to empower you with powerful control and flexibility in your development workflow. This update unlocks a new level of automation.

:package: What’s new:

:one: Granular trigger control

No more one-size-fits-all triggers. Our enhanced system allows you to define intricate patterns for:

Control Description
commit_message Trigger builds based on specific commit messages made in a code push
changed_files Trigger builds when specific files are modified in a code push.
pull_request_label Trigger builds based on labels assigned to a PR

Some handy examples

  • Commit messages: Trigger builds based on specific keywords within commit messages, like “hotfix:” for hotfix commits or “feat:” for feature development
  • Changed files: Trigger builds only when changes occur within designated file paths, such as .swift files within the ios directory, ideal for isolating builds for targeted updates. This is especially useful for monorepos.
  • Pull request labels: Leverage pull request labels like deploy-to-staging to orchestrate builds, to initiate deployment pipelines upon code review approval.

These controls allow you to tailor build execution precisely based on the nature of changes within a pull request.

:two: Combined trigger strategies: Craft workflows with precision

Imagine the possibilities. Combine these new triggers to create sophisticated build configurations perfectly tailored to your needs. Here are just a few examples:

  • Targeted builds only for pull requests targeting a specific branch with a designated label.
  • Focussed builds on specific file changes within feature branches, ensuring targeted testing.

:three: Regex Configuration: the power of patterns

We’ve extended the power of regex to ALL triggers, including existing ones. This allows you to define intricate patterns for:

  • Matching branches containing version numbers or specific strings.
  • Excluding specific branches from triggering builds.
  • Identifying pull requests with labels matching a pattern or a combination of labels.
  • Targeting commits that fix bugs or add features based on keywords in the message.

:money_mouth_face: What’s the benefit:

These advancements translate to a development process with:

  • Reduced build noise: Trigger builds only when truly necessary, saving valuable resources.
  • Improved efficiency: Streamline your workflow by automating builds based on specific criteria.
  • Enhanced accuracy: Focus builds on targeted changes, ensuring accurate testing and feedback.

:clapper: Get started and explore!

Devcenter guide

We invite you to delve deeper! Explore how to leverage these features to create highly customized workflows that perfectly align with your development process. Stay tuned for further resources and tutorials to help you unlock the full potential of enhanced build triggers.

:eyes: More trigger controls are on their way. Watch this space

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